Our loyal installation team are with our customers from beginning to end.

Service Details

Whether it’s a single system installation for a residential property or multiple in a large industrial premise, Cannon Fire Sprinklers’ highly trained engineers work with our customers to install each system in a timely and professional manner, minimising disruption as much as possible.

Our loyal installation team are with our customers from beginning to end and are always compliant with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) procedures and British standards and regulations. They are also fully trained to ensure all customers meet the regulatory obligations.

All our customers are guaranteed to receive a high-quality service and fire sprinkler system, affording the level of fire protection everyone requires. All Cannon Fire Sprinklers’ installations can be upgraded and adapted to meet your changing needs. So, if you’ve moved to a larger premise, the function of the premises have changed since we last visited to maintain your system or your risk assessment has indicated you need more fire protection, get in touch and see how our installation team can help you.

High Standards

All our systems are compliant with the necessary standards and regulations current at the time including LPCB, FM and NFPA systems

Automatic Fire Sprinklers

This type of sprinkler reacts to heat when the room temperature reaches between 60 and 70 degrees.

Pre–Action Sprinklers

Water is held by a valve which is operated by a detector.

Deluge Fire Sprinklers

Water is let into the pipes when a fire alarm is activated or by a manual pull station not to heat.

Dry–Riser Systems

Containing compressed air, preventing water from entering the pipes, unless activated by a fire.

Wet–Riser Systems

Must be installed in buildings higher than 50m, making water available on all floors

Hose Reels

Designed for fire suppression in large high-risk areas and can deliver around a third of a litre of water per second.

Hydrant System

Providing an instant supply to water to each hydrant outlet to aid the FRS in fighting fires.

Water Mist Systems

Water mist systems use less water than more traditional systems and afford the same amount of fire protection while being more sustainable.

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