Water – Mist


Water mist systems use less water than more traditional systems and afford the same amount of fire protection while being more sustainable.

How Does a Water-Mist System Work?

As the water is discharged at pressure it creates a fine mist, cooling the fire and displacing oxygen by evaporation.

We recommend water mist systems where water supply is an issue and the mist is a safer option to traditional sprinklers.

Water mist systems also save on space as well as the cost of storing and supplying water. Water mist systems use less water than more traditional systems and afford the same amount of fire protection, while more sustainable.

What Do We Offer?

We offer 2 types of water-mist system. High-pressure water mist systems are typically installed to industrial/commercial properties.

Additionally, we also offer low-pressure to residential clients.

High Quality Installs

Our water mist sprinkler systems are installed and certified to BS-8458: Fixed fire protection systems. Residential and domestic water mist systems. Code of practice & BS-8489: Fixed fire protection systems. Industrial and commercial water mist systems. Code of practice.

With our highly skilled engineers, our customers get all the benefits of conventional sprinkler system coupled with the knowledge and know-how of Cannon Fire Sprinklers’ team. Cannon’s team aid all our customers in selecting the right water mist system to guarantee minimal water damage and protection of what’s most valuable.


Types of Water Mist Sprinklers

High-pressure     &     Low-pressure


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High-pressure systems are mostly used in industrial and commercial premises, where the fire risk is high.

This system is useful to protect an enclosed space or suppress a single hazard.

High-pressure systems operate at between 70-130 bar, evaporating water into steam to smother the fire to its point of origin.



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Low-pressure systems typically operate at pressures up to 12 bar.

They minimise water and smoke damage, using 40% less water than typical sprinklers. Low-pressure mists are arguably safer than high-pressure systems and have less risk of injury to a person nearby.

Low-pressure mist systems are more commonly used in residential applications.


Less Water Damage 

Because it’s a mist, water mist systems produce far less water damage than traditional sprinkler systems and work on many types of fires. This also means less financial damage if a fire was to occur for replacing décor or business equipment.

Quick Activation

Water mist systems activate much quicker than other fire protection measures. The fire is cooled through evaporation which is much faster acting than just dousing the fire in copious amounts of water or foam.


As they are no toxic fumes released in water mist systems, anyone exposed to the mist will not be affected. This makes them suitable for locations with a high volume of people and vulnerable people like the elderly or disabled, who cannot evacuate as easily.

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