British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

Information about BAFSA & Cannon Fire Sprinklers.

How They Got Started

The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA) has been established for over 40 years and is the UK’s leading professional trade association for all parts of the fire sprinkler industry. It is an organisation with an all-inclusive approach, benefitting the greater public good, primarily funded by its members and its activities.


Obtaining the BAFSA membership shows Cannon Fire Sprinklers dedication to the UK sprinkler industry. By joining BAFSA, we are helping to build a strong trade association to influence future standards and policy. Cannon Fire Sprinklers has many unique opportunities including access to all BAFSA’s latest resources, education and training aiding in the further development of our already strong and highly skilled team. Cannon Fire Sprinklers continues to promote the important role sprinklers have in protecting people and their properties, demonstrating professionalism, competence and devotion to our customers always.

Their Mission

BAFSA’s mission is to improve the manufacture, installation and maintenance of fire sprinkler and water-based fire suppression systems in all sectors, ranging from small businesses to large organisations. They want to provide an education on the significant role sprinklers have in saving lives, protecting property and the environment.

More about BAFSA

BAFSA’s members are responsible for over 85% of sprinkler and water-mist installations in the UK. They are committed to ensuring sprinkler systems are installed to the highest standard, by working closely with the government, fire and rescue service, insurers and architects as well as many more.

To read more about BAFSA visit their website.

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