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Containing compressed air, preventing water from entering the pipe.

How Do Dry Riser Systems Work?

Dry riser systems are maintained dry containing compressed air, preventing water from entering the pipe unless a fire activates a sprinkler, or it is charged with water from the FRS’ supplies.

It gives the FRS access throughout the building to water to suppress the fire at all levels.

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Dry risers are critical for firefighters to contain and extinguish fires in buildings with multiple floors and inaccessible areas. A dry riser is legally required in buildings over 18m to be integrated into the architecture.

They are designed to allow the FRS to take a water supply into a building with multiple floors, without the issue of running a fire hose from the bottom to the top.

High Quality Installs

All Cannon Fire Sprinklers’ riser installations are carried out to the specification of BS 9990: Code of Practice for Non – Automatic Fire Fighting Systems in Buildings.

It recommends risers are serviced annually and inspected every 6 months.


In comparison to the time it takes to run a hose up and down a multi-storey building, risers are a far more resourceful way of getting water to suppress a fire. The time saved could help the FRS prevent a large-scale disaster.

Easy Install

Risers are very quick and easy to install, they don’t require any special equipment, facilities or changes to the structure of the building. Cannon Fire Sprinklers’ highly trained engineers are knowledgeable and can install both wet and dry risers.

Reduce Demand on Firefighters 

Risers prevent a delay to fire-fighting operations and stops a hose creating a hazard during the evacuation process. This allows firefighters to do their job efficiently and successfully, with less disruption. It gives the fire less time to spread, allowing firefighters more time to prevent damage.

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