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Water is let into the pipes when a fire alarm is activated or by a manual pull station, not to heat.

How Do Deluge Fire Sprinklers Work?

Deluge systems are most appropriate for high-risk locations with flammable materials or chemicals.

They act like pre-action systems except the sprinkler heads are always open and don’t respond to heat. Water is let into the pipes when a fire alarm or smoke detector is activated or by a manual pull station.

All sprinklers in a deluge system will open for water to flow, not just above the fire.

More Information

We recommend deluge systems where a fire is high risk and likely to be aggravated by its surroundings.

Deluge systems are best where a large amount of water is required quickly to suppress a fire, prevent spread and other hazards.

Deluge systems are one of the primary fire protection means for large aircraft hangers.

High Quality Installs

Cannon Fire Sprinklers help all our customers to make the right decision on the type of sprinklers and activation system that works for each individual property.

We know the valuable role sprinklers play in saving lives and protecting property, designing, installing and maintaining commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems bespoke to fit your specifications.


Deluge systems can be triggered in several different ways with a fire alarm, smoke detector or set off manually. This makes them suitable across a variety of applications and can be adapted to meet the requirements of the customer and the facility.

Manual Insurance

While it is preferred sprinkler systems work automatically, it’s also good insurance that a deluge system can be operated manually. This mitigates the risk of false operations and if there’s a fault with the automated system, the system can still provide essential fire protection.

Foam Operation

Deluge sprinkler systems can be used with foam concentrate. This is appropriate for locations with high fire risk and means that certain types of fires can be better controlled and suppressed more quickly than with just water.

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