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Providing an instant supply to water to each hydrant outlet to aid the FRS in fighting fires.

What is a Hydrant System?

Our customers can always be confident that their hydrant systems will operate in peak condition and provide them with the level of fire protection required.

Whether it’s just one fire hydrant system or several across a large premise, we ensure the mains supplying the system provide the right pressure and flow for active fire suppression.

Who needs a Hydrant System?

Fire hydrants are popular fire suppression measures in large premises in the education or public sector and allow firefighters to have continuous access to water, instead of relying on their own appliances.

Cannon Fire Sprinklers supply, install and maintain hydrant systems providing an instant supply to water to each hydrant outlet to aid the FRS in fighting fires, saving lives and protecting properties.

High Quality Installs

Cannon Fire Sprinklers know the valuable role sprinklers play in saving lives and protecting property. We design, install and maintain commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems bespoke to fit your specifications.

Hydrant systems are vital firefighting equipment which our trained engineers inspect and test for compliance with BS 9990 and the Water Industry Act 1991.

Water Storage 

A source of water that’s local and accessible is important for the FRS, especially in cities where there is a high volume of people. Hydrant systems are an effective method for storage and water supply, capable of coping with and suppressing a substantial fire.

Easy of Access

Hydrant systems give firefighters easy access to connect their equipment and deal with a fire efficiently, minimising the damage caused. However, they should never be used as the only method of fire suppression and premises with a hydrant system shouldn’t solely rely on them. Hydrant systems should form part of a bigger system for complete fire protection.

Low Maintenance

Hydrant systems have long-range, high-durability, a long lifecycle and require very little maintenance to keep them functioning and capable of suppressing fires, guaranteeing a high level of fire protection.

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