Hose Reels

Designed for fire suppression in large high-risk areas and can deliver around a third of a litre of water per second.

How Do Hose Reels Work?

Fire hose reels are designed for fire suppression in large high-risk areas and can deliver around a third of a litre of water per second.

All hose reels, whether supplied with or without hoses attached should be certified to BS EN 671-1. Cannon Fire Sprinklers recommends hose reels are only used when a fire risk assessment indicates as such.

Hose reels are most appropriate for Class A fires, involving ordinary combustible materials like paper, cardboard or timber.

It shouldn’t be used on electrical equipment or burning liquids.

More Information

A hose reel should only be used by someone who is fully trained and capable of doing so.

Hose reels are either automatic and manual, both types can be fixed, swinging, recess mounted, or cabinet mounted.

High Quality Installs

Hose reels require a flow rate test and pressure test under BS EN 671-3, written on a service label and attached to the reel. The hose itself should be pressure tested every five years.

Cannon Fire Sprinklers can install, maintain and service hose reels for all customers that require it, bespoke to fit your specifications.

Types of Hose Reel

Automatic     &     Manual


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Automatic hose reels are a pull and run system, as the hose is pulled the motion activates the water supply to save time.



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Manual hose reels are cheaper but not as time-efficient, requiring the operator to turn on the water before the hose can be run out. The valve isn’t protected, unlike the automatic hose, which can hinder its usage.


Increased Safety

A fire hose can create a trip hazard and hinder evacuation procedures. Using a hose reel means the hose can be stored out of the way when not in used and prevents the hose causing a serious incident.

Reduces Wear and Tear

Hoses typically wear over time because they’re made of rubber. If people are stepping on it or equipment is rolled over it, the hose will prematurely wear. A hose reel increases the lifecycle of hoses and reduces the cost of frequent replacements.

Faster Fire Suppression

Having the hose reel in the correct location corresponding to your fire risk assessment means quicker and easier access to water, enabling trained personnel to tackle and suppress a fire quicker.

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Industry Recognised

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