Pre – Action

Fire Sprinklers

Water is held by a valve which is operated by a detector, like a smoke detector. When activated, the valve opens & water can flow to the pipes.

How Do Pre-Action Sprinklers Work?

Pre-action sprinklers are most successful in commercial properties with a lot of valuables, like museums or premises communication equipment, where false automation could result in irreversible damage.

Because the system works like a dry pipe system where water doesn’t sit in the pipes. The water is held by a valve which is operated by a detector. If a detector, like a smoke detector, is activated, the valve opens, and water can flow to the pipes. The sprinkler heads must then operate to release water and douse the fire.

More Information

Pre-action sprinklers can be pressured with air or nitrogen to reduce the risk of a false activation, mostly used in freezer areas.

Pre-action systems require more maintenance and testing than automatic sprinkler systems including the detection system.

High Quality Installs

All installations by Cannon Fire Sprinklers are certified to BS 9251. (BS 9251: Fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential occupancies. Code of practice.)

We know the valuable role sprinklers play in saving lives and protecting property.

We design, install and maintain commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems bespoke to fit your specifications.

Water Sensitive Environments

Where environments hold a lot of irreplaceable valuables, that may even be worth more than the property, like artefacts in a museum, pre-action sprinklers provide fire protection that water-sensitive environments would otherwise not have access to.

Reduces Risk of False Activation

As the operation is a two-fold process of the valve and sprinkler head, it minimises the risk of water release when not required. This is beneficial in libraries or computer centres, anywhere a mistaken activation would cause serious damage.

Increase Value 

Although the initial upfront cost and the continued maintenance may seem daunting, if the property is ever sold, properties with adequate fire protection are much more attractive. It also assures any visitors or customers that they are safe, making them more likely to return.

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