The range of businesses in retail means there is different fire risks and safety demands.

Retail Sprinkler Services

Cannon Fire Sprinklers understand the importance of the retail sector to the UK’s economy as the largest private-sector employer. As well as, the range of business and the different fire risks and safety demands it comprises of.

We install fire sprinkler systems across a variety of retail premises whether it’s an internet retailers’ warehouse, distribution centre or a high street shop. All systems are bespoke designed to fit the premises and can be adapted once installed to meet increasing demand, employee capacity or changes to your fire risk assessment.


Bespoke sprinkler systems to suit our customers’ specifications and are always compliant with the required standards and regulations.


We can design, supply, install and maintain a variety of sprinkler systems.

Systems can be adapted to meet identified risks based on a Review of Hazard, with specific attention paid in retail premises to the risk of electrical fires which at 28% is the largest contributor to retail fires. Because retailers work odd hours and at a fast pace based on customer demand, Cannon Fire Sprinklers will modify our service to meet that and prevent any disruption to retail operations.

All retail customers can take advantage of our maintenance packages and 24-hour emergency call-out response. Our team will never leave a property without the guarantee that our customers and their property is completely fire protected.

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