Suppression systems to create a safe learning and teaching environment.

Education Sprinkler Services

Cannon Fire Sprinklers believe the education sector deserves high-quality fire protection and suppression systems to create a safe learning and teaching environment. We are committed to providing the best systems to protect the education sector.

Government guidance on safe school design recommends all new premises, except low-risk schools, should have sprinklers installed. It is mandatory in Scotland and Wales. With 5132 fires in education premises in a 10-year period, adequate sprinklers systems ensuring there is no loss of school days, no damage to the premises and no recorded casualties or fatalities, if a fire does break out.


Bespoke sprinkler systems to suit our customers’ specifications and are always compliant with the required standards and regulations.


We can design, supply, install and maintain a variety of sprinkler systems.

Cannon fire Sprinklers’ team are fully trained to conduct maintenance and any required repairs with the addition of technical support.

All education customers can take advantage of our maintenance packages and 24-hour emergency call-out response. Our team will never leave a property without the guarantee that our customers and their property are completely fire protected.

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