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Information about FPA & Cannon Fire Sprinklers.

How They Got Started

The Fire Protection Association (FPA) was formed in 1946 and is now the UK’s national fire safety organisation. They have an unsurpassed reputation for their expertise in all areas of fire safety, helping professionals to maintain a high level of fire safety management nationwide. Through the FPA’s research, they identify fire risks and draw attention to them reducing the potential for loss.


As an FPA member, Cannon Fire Sprinklers has access to the breadth of fire safety knowledge. It means we are fully aware of the legislation that affects fire safety, management of fire safety regimes, the necessities of fire risk assessments, firefighting equipment and control of hazardous substances. It also shows our customers that we support the FPA mission and are ourselves dedicated to ensuring quality fire protection is installed across the UK in all sectors. We are aided in doing this by an entire network of FPA members, access to technical support and research resources. Cannon Fire Sprinklers always continue to develop our business, moving towards better, safer fire protection solutions.

Their Mission 

Their mission statement is as follows: “To remain independent and unerring in the pursuit of quality protection of people, property, business and the environment.” Their vision is to continue to be the authority in fire protection, promoting safety through training and developing as well as, their research led petitioning and representation.

More about FPA

The FPA is certified NSI Gold Award for BAFE SP205. On the FPA board currently sits three stakeholders; The Association of British Insurers (ABI), Lloyd’s and The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC). The organisation hopes to continue to grow and collaborate with Government, the Fire and Rescue Service, promoting national and European fire safety.

To read more about the FPA visit their website.

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